Monday, October 26, 2009

Barefoot Running In The Park 'n' Rain

I was keeping a close eye on the weather this morning. It was warm enough for a barefoot run but I was hoping I wouldn't have to run in the rain especially when it was so windy. It looked good a few minutes before I changed clothes but that went out the window as soon as I stepped outside. It was raining. of course, my pride refused to allow me to go back up to the office and get my shoes. So it was off to Riverfront Park where acorns stealthily concealed under leaves tried to sabotage me. I managed to avoid all but one and it got me good--right in the arch. Other than that it was an uneventful run, but it wouldn't be complete without some lighter moments.

While I was crossing the Howard Street Bridge a woman asked me, "Where are your shoes, young man?" I smiled big at being called, "Young man." Apparently running barefoot in the rain takes years off my looks so I got that going for me.

Getting back to the building where I work, three separate people asked me if I just got back from swimming. That might be an easy conclusion to make about someone who's wearing shorts and no shoes and is dripping wet--as long as you ignore the stocking cap and bright reflective running jacket. The puzzled looks were the best when I said I just finished running. "But you're...uh...where's your shoes?"

Yeah, I get that a lot.

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