Thursday, October 1, 2009

Proposition 4 - Community Bill Of Rights

Rather than go through the remainder of the rights, I'm going to leave it that Proposition 4 creates more problems than it solves. It expresses some wonderful ideals and most of it is better suited as guiding principles as opposed to being codified in the city charter.

Section 74.5 wouldn't be necessary if we took a clue from Mark Fenton and considered growth management, ped/bike/auto traffic, store locations, landscaping and building design, etc., as a whole in order to make neighborhoods attractive as well as profitable.

But I'm not a lawyer nor a city resident.

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Barb Chamberlain said...

I wrote a post that went up last night at to voice some of my reasons for opposing it.

It's particularly important for people to READ the full text before voting, since that actually doesn't appear on the ballot. What appears is a short title that makes it sound pretty great and like something you'd want to support (who's against affordable housing, for example?).

The details and legal problems won't be evident from the ballot wording. Read the full thing please, Spokane voters! It's available at along with other measures.