Wednesday, October 28, 2009


You may have noticed that KREM's web site has changed. So far I think it's an improvement. However, there's a problem when you're using a mobile device to read their site. The former iteration worked great with my mobile device. Downloads were quick and mostly graphics free. The new format is slow as molasses as it downloads advertisements, images and the other unnecessary clutter you don't need to see on a mobile device.

So now they're the last news site I go to. If I have nothing else to do. And I'm feeling patient. Or bored.

Some time ago I stopped reading KXLY's web site with my mobile device because it would go into this infinite loop of downloading some javascript or something and I'd never get to read anything. I checked their site and it's nice and peppy even with the image downloads. So not only are they back on my bookmark list, but they've moved up the chain.

Yeah, it's a slow day when all I have to piddle about is news web sites viewed on my mobile device.

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