Sunday, October 25, 2009

What's Sauce For The Goose...

Congresswoman McMorris Rodgers has some clear cut opinions about health care reform.

"Proposals to establish a government or public option are nothing more than an attempt to have federal bureaucrats tell you what your health care needs are..."

"...there is a push to model the government option after Medicare. This will undoubtedly shift the cost of services to private insurance companies forcing them to raise their rates or go out of business—ultimately causing millions to lose private insurance."

"I believe we must empower parents to make healthy choices for their families and choose the treatments they need in consultation with a doctor they trust. Some of the most personal decisions you’ll ever make are between you and your doctor. I would not want anyone else deciding what doctor my son can see or what treatment he can receive. Every parent should have that same opportunity."

Yet it turns out there are 151 members of Congress who are currently on the "public option" known as Medicare. Fifty-five of them currently do not support the public option for the citizens of our country.

Feel free to write our Congresswoman--or your own if you live elsewhere--and ask her to encourage members of Congress who currently enjoy Medicare to divest themselves from this government intrusion on their health care. No doubt they are unaware of the many opportunities we enjoy for determining our own health care decisions. Apparently they are not familiar with the harm caused by federal bureaucrats telling them what their health care needs are. What a travesty it is to see so many of our leaders trapped in such a nightmare. I hope Congresswoman McMorris Rodgers works diligently to educate and motivate her colleagues in the House and Senate.

Don't you?

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Sherry said...

Oh, Cathy! Like no insurance company has ever told a patient (and their trusted doctor) that they won't cover a procedure/medication/therapy? Health care rationing, anyone?

Our local congressperson is Doc Hastings. He was chair of the House Ethics Committee under the last administration--I think he was rationing the ethics. At least they SEEMED in short supply.