Saturday, October 24, 2009

Planning Your STA Trip

Did you know there's a very clever web-based tool for planning a trip using STA in combination with walking or riding your bike? It's called Enroute Spokane and it's a no-brainer replacement for the STA's rather poor planner. The cleverness in Enroute Spokane is that it will give you a route no matter what address in Spokane you enter.

Here's an example for going from my house to my work. Notice I can wait a few minutes before walking down to the Park 'n' Ride to catch my bus. Or I could be riding my bike.

Nice, neat instructions and it even tells me how far I traveled on foot. I use Firefox on my iMac and get this message from the STA trip planner.

The really bothersome thing about this is that it doesn't tell you it's only for Internet Explorer until after you enter the addresses. Regardless, when I use Internet Explorer and enter the same from and to addresses, I am told that there is no bus service at the from address and to try a different address.

Enroute Spokane told me how to get to the nearest bus stop. Now how smart is that?

Don't get me wrong. I'm a big fan of STA. But their trip planner leaves much to be desired, especially if you don't live right on a bus line.

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