Saturday, October 31, 2009

You Just Gotta Laugh

I had an opportunity to laugh at myself at work this week and to top it off, my workmates were there to laugh as well. I was handed a Blackberry that belonged to a person higher up the food chain and was told to get it ready for a certain application. The person giving me the BB and acting as messenger is not in IT. Well, nothing needed to be done with the BB. All I needed to do was show the person how to access it and go over it with them.

So I tried to turn it on. I have an older model and the red disconnect-the-call button serves as the power button. This was a newer model, but I figured it worked the same. So I pressed the red button.


So I held the red button down for 5 seconds.

Still nothing.

I tried the green button. Nope.

Now I'm wondering out loud how to power this thing up. My non-IT workmate and I look at and try (almost) every button on the darned thing and we are not successful. So off we went to ask two of my IT workmates. I explain the situation and one of them takes the BB and presses the power button located on the top edge.

Fortunately, the Blackberry is not one of my primary responsibilities. But if you ever need to troubleshoot one, I know just where to take it.

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Sherry said...

Reminds me of the time long ago when I had to confess to my new boss that I had tried and tried but could not find the letters he had dictated into his tape recorder. I was sweating bullets before another employee in the office suggested a "re-enactment" and found out that the boss had been holding down the "erase" button all the time he had been talking.