Sunday, November 15, 2009

Cyclocross Racing

A large number of people of all ages braved the cold, mud, ice and light snow so they could enjoy riding and running in races sponsored by Emde Sports at Seven Mile today. I was amazed to see almost all age groups represented. And I was very impressed that so many people would go all out for a 30 or a 45-minute all-terrain race. This was the first cyclocross race I've ever seen and I thought everybody was pretty fast. Then the Men's A group went in the last race of the day. The way they were going you'd have thought it was a road race.

This looks like so much fun. I know what I want to do next fall. I'm working on a video of today's races and I'll post that when it's done. Thank you, Nate, for helping me shoot today.


Pat S said...

Hank, you need this in your life. (Just don't tell your wife.)

Can't wait for the vid!

Anonymous said...

Nice meeting you out there today, Hank. Great pictures. Thanks for coming out and sharing your thoughts and captures of the day.

Hank Greer said...

Pat, Kathy saw the video I'm working on and she's all for it. But not until she's done with school...early 2011. Now I, on the other hand, am not in school. So like I said, next fall I in.

Sarah, it was good to meet you too. Look for the video on soon.