Sunday, November 15, 2009

Tryin' To Wrap My Brain Around This

A bishop tries to influence a politician by referring to the politician's uncle who famously made the point that, "I am not the Catholic candidate for President. I am the Democratic Party candidate for President who also happens to be a Catholic. I do not speak for my Church on public matters — and the Church does not speak for me."


Lucas said...

At some point you have to wonder when they have crossed the line into political advocacy, which would jeopardize their tax-exempt status. While it is fine for them to criticize abortion in general, singling a out a specific politician is skating pretty close to being politics.

Pat S said...

Hank, I read the article in the SR this morning and it was filled with a bunch of the weirdest quotes I've ever seen. Jeez, guys, thanks for putting your dirty laundry on display. The whole thing was like a car wreck that you can't not look at.