Tuesday, November 10, 2009

More Hate Mongering

In today's Spokesman Review, Cal Thomas informs us that Major Hasan's attack on his fellow soldiers proves that our country is blinded by tolerance.

By now, the script should be disturbingly familiar. Whether in the Middle East, or increasingly in America, a fanatical Muslim blows up or goes on a shooting spree, killing many. This is quickly followed by “condemnations” from “Muslim civil rights groups,” like the Council on American-Islamic Relations. We are then warned by the president and some newspaper editorials not to jump to conclusions, or to stereotype.

Should we jump to conclusions or stereotype? Cal doesn't explicitly say.

People claiming to know Hasan told interviewers he made frequent statements against the wars and the U.S. presence in Islamic countries. Rep. Michael McCaul, Texas Republican, told reporters after he was briefed on the shootings that Hasan “took a lot of advanced training in shooting.” Why would a psychiatrist need advanced training in shooting unless he believed in murder as therapy?

Shouldn’t that, coupled with his statements about “the aggressor” and other actions – including his preference for Muslim clothing – have alerted someone in authority that he might be a time bomb waiting to go off?

I've learned to shoot a lot of weapons, but I've never heard of "advanced training in shooting." Should we be concerned with people who exercise their Second Amendment rights--especially if they wear Muslim clothing?

How much longer will we tolerate fighting this war as if it were a minor crime wave? Our enemies are fighting to win and they are fighting everywhere, including within our borders. People trained to appear nonthreatening, until the threat becomes obvious and it is too late to do anything about it, are infiltrating our government and society at every level.

What do we do about these nonthreatening-appearing people?

It is irrelevant that some have put the number of radicalized Muslims worldwide at 10 percent. Even if that figure is accurate, 100 million jihadists can cause a lot of damage, as they plot the destruction of Western democracies. Other wars have been won with far fewer soldiers and far fewer dupes.

Cal doesn't offer a solution other than we should do something. But his intent is clear.

His comments also make me wonder. What other ethnic, religious, racial or cultural groups are we being too tolerant of? American history is replete with acts of violence committed against groups and individuals. Some in the name of a religion. People like that have been infiltrating our government and society for years.

From Cal Thomas's point of view it appears you should make sure you are born into the right group of people in the first place, lest we be blinded by tolerating you.

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EvilElf said...

We should tolerate some intolerance.

I would invite all to exercise some intolerance upon Cal Thomas and all the others "like him" whose crazy worldview is taking this country down the tubes.

I guess part of the "liberal/progressive agenda" was to be willing to hear all views, respect all views and be gentle. Not anymore! Cal has given us permission to practice intolerance on teabaggers/neocons/republicans/etc. I think they will respect us more for telling them they are stupid and are ruining our country and that they should just shut their #$%*ing mouths.

Let change begin and let it begin with us!

Thanks Cal. Now shut the !@$* up.