Sunday, November 1, 2009

'Tis The Season

In today's Sunday paper there was an 80-page Toys 'R' Us Christmas advertisement. Of course, I gave it the attention it deserved and put it in its rightful place--the recycle bin.

*** Update - Redundancy Alert ***

Today's Sunday paper. Not to be confused with yesterday's Saturday paper or tomorrow's Monday paper. Sometimes my brilliance shines so brightly.


Spokane Al said...

The recycle bin is where all but one of the many telephone books I receive go when I find them at my front door.

Eric said...

Mine also went into my MOP cart, did not pass Go didn't collect $200

Autumn said...

I was reading through blogs today (like everyday actually) as I was reading yours Bill (hubby to be) leaned over my shoulder and saw "80 page Toys R Us catalog" and asked where ours was. I thought he was going to recycle it as well....nope typical him, he got a cup of hot chocolate and settled down with a marker circling things he thought the girls would want for Christmas....most of which were boy toys and action figures. I swear sometimes that man is really just a little boy in a big boy body. Just thought I'd share lol, mine WAS recycled now it's in the process of being loved to death.

Sherry said...

I get it now! But admit to not seeing it before. "Today's Sunday paper" is a cousin to our "hot water heater."