Wednesday, November 25, 2009

An Opportunity To Do Two Good Things

The Bloomsday Road Runners Club is once again sponsoring the Turkey Trot. 9:00 am is the start time so get there beforehand to "register". Your "entry fee" is a donation for Second Harvest. If you're a Flying Irish, wear your shirt and sign in at the Starbuck's located on 13th and Grand.

You'll notice it says you can run or walk any distance. So even if you're not a runner, bundle up, bring a hot drink and go for a stroll at Manito Park. The weather is going to be very nice. 40 degrees is not that cold and the slight chance of rain isn't until after 4:00 pm.

So get some fresh air and support a good cause!


John Speare said...

Maddie and I will be there. I'm hoping she's not planning on running the whole thing, or I'm toast.

Will you be wearing shoes for this event?

Hank Greer said...


I'll decide while I'm there. I'm not familiar with the route--I think the other times I did this there was snow on the ground--so I don't know if there are any gravel roads or paths to follow. I might jog it beforehand to check it out and warm up. And if it's nice enough I'll take off the shoes.