Friday, November 6, 2009

The Vote

I know we're all aware of the official results, but I thought I'd snag this image off the Washington Secretary of State site.

You'll notice that there are about 50,000 fewer votes cast on I-1033 as there were on Ref 71. There's an interesting explanation of what contributed to that over on Horse's A$$.

So how did Spokane County voters vote on these two issues?

Hmm, apparently quite a few people did not consider Ref 71 to be an equal rights issue.

As of today only 124,788 out of 257,092 Spokane County registered voters exercised their civic duty. Statewide we were 1,622,312 out of 3,583,278. That's almost 2 million voters who have no room to complain.

I almost forgot to say congratulations to my friend Jon Snyder who was elected to the Spokane city council.

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