Thursday, March 18, 2010

Chronic Bike Lane Blocker

Not that anyone is paying attention.


Anonymous said...

That's so crazy, I recognize that truck. He cut me off, when I was driving awhile back and I see it parked in the east Sprague area. i think he's affiliated with some kind of motorcycle club. I don't think they're too hardcore, probably just a bunch of old weekend harley guys. What a prick.

Barb Chamberlain said...

At one point on the Bicycle Advisory Board we talked with Spokane PD about follow-up letters to registered owners reported through I'm following up to see if we can move that along.

I ride home along Sherman/SE Blvd and there are some repeat offenders there, too.

It's not all cars--owners of one house at 14th/SE Blvd persist in using bike lane as their personal dump/storage space for all their garbage bins when every other homeowner along the way can figure out how to set those on the sidewalk. Just love veering unexpectedly into traffic to go around the barriers they create, and I'm sure the drivers enjoy it too. (These are the ones I wrote about on John Speare's blog