Thursday, March 11, 2010

Spokane Wants Google Fiber

In today's Spokesman Review there's a short blurb about how we can help Spokane get free fiber to the house courtesy of Google.

Here is Google's criteria from the FAQ:

Above all, we're interested in deploying our network efficiently and quickly, and are hoping to identify interested communities that will work with us to achieve this goal. We also want to want to work with a community where we can bring significant benefits to residents and develop useful proofs-of-concept that can have a broader impact. For example, we're looking for opportunities to experiment with deployment techniques that can inform and accelerate broadband deployment elsewhere as well. To that end, we'll use our RFI to identify interested communities and to assess local factors that will impact the efficiency and speed of our deployment, such as the level of community support, local resources, weather conditions, approved construction methods and local regulatory issues. We will also take into account broadband availability and speeds that are already offered to users within a community. The RFI is a first step – we plan to consult with local government organizations, as well as conduct site visits and meet with local officials, before announcing our final decisions.

Some communities are trying really hard to get this. (I think if Spokane got this, Comcast would so pissed.) The mayor of Topeka, Kansas decreed that Topeka would be known as Google, Kansas for the month of March. Not to be outdone, Duluth, Minnesota put this video together.

Will the emails and Facebook fans be enough to get us assimilated by the Borg Googleplex?

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