Thursday, March 11, 2010

Some People Will Stoop So Low

The last comment posted on a story about the death of cyclist David Squires strikes me as strangely out of place.

Signaling was never an issue in this case, so why bring it up and why provide a link to a site where you can buy signaling lights for a bike? The odd formatting is the result of pasting the text in. So who is ackra?

"ackra" is a brand new registered login on the Spokesman Review's site. I did a little searching.

Is it me or is some lowlife bloodsucker trying to use tragedy this to generate some business by posting this same entry in as many sites as possible?

And there's a blog post about cycling in Long Beach. A blog post about helmet laws. A blog post about cycling in D.C. A post on about bike accidents. And a cyclist killed in North Carolina.

I could go on. So, nope, it's not me. What a frickin' vulture.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Nice detective work. What a d-bag.