Thursday, March 18, 2010

Drummin' Up Business

Today Kathy received a letter with no return address on it. It was mailed in Spokane yesterday. The printed address had a late-elementary-school look to it. Inside was what appears to be a folded newspaper article with a yellow sticky note addressed to Kathy.

As you can see, two different handwriting styles on the note. The top one is the one used on the envelope.

Nearly the entire page is an advertisement for some sort of credit relief. It's definitely not from a newspaper. You're hard pressed to find a page from a newspaper that doesn't have the paper's name on the top or bottom.

So who is this mysterious "C"? But C saved thousands... of... lives? Or dollars? Or cookies maybe. I have no idea. But the ad on the paper wants us to contact one Jack Tenold of First Priority Financial in Spokane. Going through the rest of the staff, I don't find a "C". I really hate to pass up saving thousands, especially if it's cookies.


Spokane Al said...

In the past I have received several mailings similar to the one your wife recieved. Each includes an article and a similar sticky with a hand written note.


Pat S said...

Any lowlife can do email scams by the hundreds of thousands without getting his fat, chips-ahoy-crumb-covered ass off his matted, smelly sofa. Which is why I have to admire the old school, snail-mail work ethic of this fool. How many a day do you think he can send out? 25 would wear me out. Damn, the dude is hardcore. I'll bet his place is pristine, too.

If I got one of these I might fall for it except for the obvious red flag: cookies are for eating, not saving.