Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Spam For Online Meds

Most of the spam I receive in my gmail account is for online meds. Hydrocodone is always 80% off and I can presumably save all kinds of money on all the name brand pharmaceuticals. Just for grins I looked at the latest spam I received for drugs this morning. It was a short message that said

Special Spring RxMedDiscounts are Here! -> http://warehouseofmeddies.com

WARNING: Visiting web sites listed in spam messages is dangerous. Do not try this on your computer at home. Do this on someone else's computer at someone else's home.

No, seriously, you should just delete spam. Don't visit the site because it will quite likely try to infect your computer with malware. But since I'm on someone else's computer...

First I looked up the domain name which is owned by someone named Yan Hua who also owns about 652 other domain names.

And is this person busy or what? The domain name was just created yesterday.

Amazing, this short-lived site already has 35,000+ satisfied customers.

The site has a page of testimonials. That's a sure-fire way of telling if it's bogus or not. Ha! As if you're not convinced already, right? So I searched for similar testimonials. The links are on the phrases I searched for.

Alex, 34

Cheers to Viagra! I couldn't feel so inspired for long. Now, I'm on top of the world and my wife started to look at me with mystique...

David, 45

Your services were everything advertised. And your prices were the lowest, by far. You have it all.

Samuel, 39

I had serious doubts, that generic Viagra is as good, as the brand-one, but not only it is highly effective but also its much cheaper than the brand one! You have no idea how my wife and I are happy now :) Thx, one more returning customer for you.
I will continue biz with u.

According to McAfee, this and similar sites specialize in identify theft and credit card fraud.

You just can't trust anyone these days, including other people using your computer. I'd better get off now. People here are starting to look at me with mystique...

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