Saturday, March 27, 2010

Where's The Love?

From the Yakima Herald last Thursday:

A former sheriff from a rural county in Arizona captivated a Yakima crowd of about 350 people Thursday night with the story of his evolution from a ticket-writing happy police officer to a libertarian crusader for Constitutional rights.


His talk, presented at the Yakima Convention Center, was sponsored by Yakima Freedom Partners, which describes itself as a loosely organized coalition of groups “dedicated to the preservation of individual freedom, Constitutional liberties and limited government.”

The groups include Grassroots of Yakima Valley, 912 Project, Constitution Party, Respect for Law/Yakima, The John Birch Society, Tea Party of Yakima STOP! Committee of Yakima, Minuteman Civil Defense Corps and Oath Keepers.
[Note: Not that it makes much difference but it may be the Real Oath Keepers.]


Mack said America “is dying” and needs a movement to revive the Constitution. He said the movement must not be characterized by hatred or violence.

“This is a movement of love and patriotism. We have to make sure we are not antagonistic to anyone. This is not a violent movement nor is it a movement of hate or anger. We’re Americans, Christians and we love our families, our country, and we need other people to feel that when we’re talking to them.”

Just check out their sites and you'll see how these groups really feel.

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Lucas said...

There are some serious nutjobs on that list. The "Real Oath Keepers" seem to be pretty well of the opinion that Jewish people and Israel are at the root of all our problems. I remember when Clinton was elected that a lot of these same type of groups became popular. Is that what we have become? Do Republicans feel they are the only ones who can lead our country, and when they are out of power they stir up these whacko revolutionary types? It makes me kinda sad.