Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Barefoot Running - Hail, Caesar!

After a nearly two week break, I went for a barefoot run during lunch today over in Browne's Addition. I ran at an easy 10-minute mile pace and focused on picking up my feet. It was great. I ran three miles on cement and asphalt without getting any blisters or excessive abrasions on my feet. Near the end I was in Barefoot Nirvana--if there is such a thing--for about 100 yards. I was smooth. I felt at ease. I was in the groove. Everything felt perfect.

Then I started thinking about what I was doing right to make this happen. Well, you would've thought a school crossing guard just whacked my shins with a STOP flag. I started lurching and the soles of my feet told me they were now twisting against the pavement.

Sometimes you have to keep your mind at ease so your body can be its natural self.

Next, I'm thinking about trying out Huarache Running Sandals.

Steph says they look like gladiator sandals.


EvilElf said...

Been running this summer with a pair of old aqua socks. What a great experience! It has made running a little more fun. Plus, my chronic years of hip pain has subsided. I like the BFT sandals too. If you get or make a pair, let us know what you think.

Hank Greer said...

I ordered a kit. I plan to chronicle their construction and wear.