Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The New Home Ec

Back in the early 70's, guys would take Home Economics in high school in order to meet girls. This practice became so common that by the time I was a senior in '73-'74, I ended up in a cooking and sewing classes with 27 other guys. So I learned how to cook and sew.

During dinner, Steph and Josh each talked about their first day back to school. Josh mentioned his Yoga class (Yoga???) was perfect. (A thought came to mind.)

Me: "Wait a minute, Josh. How many girls are in your yoga class?"

Josh: (Laughing) "Twenty-eight."

Me: "And how many boys?"

Josh: "Two!"

But he insists that meeting girls is not the reason he and his best friend are in Yoga class together.


Lucas said...

Riiiiight. Of course he isn't. And I didn't play flute in middle school and high school so I could sit in a section with 12 of the prettiest girls in school either.

Shan said...

There was one guy in the cooking class I took in 10th grade. He was *so* cute, but he never noticed me. Or any of the girls.

He could fold a fancy napkin like *nobody's* business.