Saturday, September 19, 2009

Barefoot Running - So How's That Working For Ya?

These last two weeks have gone very well. Two weeks ago I did one 3-mile and one 2.5-mile barefoot run. I slowed my pace and focused on technique. I think it's paying off. This week I did a three miler on Tuesday followed by two-mile runs Thursday and yesterday. Normally I take my shoes with me but on those two days I did not. Consequently, Thursday was "barefoot running type" day.

Again, I tried to keep an easy pace and focus on technique. Surprisingly, yesterday's run went all to quickly. I ran at an eight-minute mile pace. Such lack of discipline in the past would always result in a huge blister. (No, not because it's such a blistering pace--for me.) This time I had just a little soreness so maybe focusing on the technique is paying off.

Or maybe I was just lucky.

Anyway, my callouses are looking least from my perspective.

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