Sunday, September 13, 2009

Spokefest 2009

Kathy and I made it a day by riding to and from the ride. Josh and Steph hauled their bikes in the van and met up with us. Josh rode his fixed gear and that turned out to be quite the workout for him, especially climbing up Pettet Drive. Steph rode Maddie's Miyata and she did great. Everyone had a fun time but Steph says she wants to ride the tandem with me next year.

Stephanie's sharp eye caught the cupholder on the police motorcycle escort. "All he needs now is a doughnut holder," she said. Oh, snap!

The Gonzaga University cycling team lead the start. This year we had about 1650 registered riders. An increase of 400 over last year. Nice! And what great weather we had.

Bill Bender, who has invested two years in this event, greeted nearly every rider as they reached the finish. He recognizes that 21 miles can be a challenging ride for many people. He has lots of ideas, hopes and plans for Spokefest as a community event. And he appreciates any help and that reminds me.

Thanks to the members of the Spokefest board and the many volunteers who help make this happen.

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Pat S said...

That's a great picture of the start. Impressive turnout!