Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A Sign Of The Times

Along with what appears to be a greater number of people holding up cardboard signs at busy intersections and Walmart parking lot exits, here's something else I've noticed. Every morning I ride by the IBR Plasma Center located at Francis and Standard. Usually there are about ten people waiting for the doors to open. This morning the line was especially long.

I know you get paid for your plasma, but I don't know how much exactly. It must vary by locale since the web site is pretty vague about it.

8. What compensation do plasma donors receive?

To guarantee a safe and adequate supply of donors, the industry developed a system of donor compensation which recognizes the substantial commitment of personal time and effort required from donors. Current manufacturing supply requirements often demand that the donors visit a collection center up to twice per week for one and a half hours each visit. Donors at an International BioResources Plasma Center receive appropriate compensation, and donors can receive additional compensation for frequent donations and referring friends and family.

You can donate twice a week but not more than every other day. And if you're looking for tips, there are plenty of sites on the Internet--some not so nice--to help you out.

But a question comes to mind. Does it matter if the reason a person gives plasma is because they get paid?

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Lucas said...

I have also noticed the line there before they open. It kinda makes me sad. I hear through the grad-student grapevine that you get about $40 for donating plasma these days.