Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Locavore 100-Mile Challenge - Day 2 - Blandishiousness

Breakfast: Two eggs, hard boiled, from KC Cattle Ranch.

Morning snack: A peach (Harvest House) and a hard boiled egg.

Lunch: The remainder of the short ribs (Olsen Farms), red potatoes, onion and parsley (all from Tolstoy Farm) I cooked on Sunday. Washed it down with Harvest House apple cider.

Afternoon snack: An Early Golden apple (Walters Fruit Ranch).

Dinner: Ground beef (Olsen Farms) with chopped onion (lots more than yesterday--gimme some flavor!), garlic and parsley (Tolstoy) and a tomato from the garden. Mashed Yukon Gold potatoes (Tolstoy) with parsley and some Spokane Family Farm milk. I made enough so I'll have it for lunch tomorrow. I had a glass of milk to drink.

The eggs held off the hunger pangs much better than the peach and apple alone yesterday. All in all a good day, but I sure could use some seasoning. Stephanie loved the burgers and mashed potatoes but she had to add some salt. And some Heinz 57. I don't blame her one bit.

So other than the tastelessness, I'm doin' all right.


crystal said...

Those mashed potatoes look so good! I might have to add that to my list of "things to eat as soon as this challenge is over" because really, you need salt to do it right.

Not said...

The thing about seasoning is that it's very light weight... so it seems to me that the environmental damage of shipping it around the world is not as severe as it would be to ship the heavier parts of a meal.

- Ventura

Monique said...

Blandishiousness! That is hilarious and I can't believe the difference salt makes. Those mashed potatoes look so good and I'm sure as Crystal said they're just not quite the same without it.