Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Barefoot Running - I'm Not A Bad Man

Today's run wasn't nearly as pleasant as Monday's but more so than yesterday's entirely shod snowbound slip 'n' slide struggle through Browne's Addition. I followed the Centennial Trail for a mile and a half and was pleased to see much of it was clear of ice and snow. Since it was about 40 degrees, I removed my shoes for the return trip and it went pretty well as long as I avoided the puddles of water. The cold combined with the wet tends to make my soles more sensitive. On the bright side that forces me to focus on proper technique. Ya gotta look at the bright side, you know.

But trouble found me when I got to the Looff Carousel and hit a minefield of snow melt crystals that hadn't melted yet. It's like someone put down just enough to make me uncomfortable and yet, in a crafty and diabolical plan, increased my discomfort by not giving me any blank spots to step in. And to top it off, the crystals are sharp so they stuck to my wet feet long enough to allow me to feel the stabbing and poking repeatedly before the ornery gravel-like bits fell away.

It reminded me of something Geoff--age 5 at the time--did when he offered Kathy and me some advice after our house in Montgomery, Alabama, was burglarized.

"We could put nails in the back yard and when the bad men came (lifting each foot like every step was painful) they would go, 'Ow, ow, ow, ow'."

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