Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Please Tell Me This Is A Prank Call

Last Sunday while speaking on the floor of the Senate, Senator Tom Coburn of Oklahoma suggested to Americans that they should pray that someone couldn't make the vote on the health care reform bill.

"What the American people oughtta pray is that somebody can't make the vote tonight," Coburn said. "That's what they oughtta pray, so that we can actually get the middle -- not me, not mine, I understand I'm way over here -- but we oughtta get the middle of America and the middle of the Senate a bill that can run through this country and actually do what we say we all want to do."

Well, one senator did miss the vote. Senator Jim Inhofe who is also of Oklahoma. So this morning someone calls in to C-SPAN and asks Senator John Barasso, Wyoming, if their prayers backfired and killed the wrong man.

"Our small tea bag group here in Waycross, we got our vigil together and took Dr. Coburn's instructions and prayed real hard that Sen. Byrd would either die or couldn't show up at the vote the other night," the caller said.

"How hard did you pray because I see one of our members was missing this morning. Did it backfire on us? One of our members died? How hard did you pray senator? Did you pray hard enough?"

Too funny!

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