Saturday, December 26, 2009

Guitar Hero - Rock History 101

Sometimes I wonder why, other than child care being much more expensive, I bother sending my children to school because it seems they don't learn much that's really useful outside of science and math and the usual stuff. I'm talking about the stuff you need to know for Jeopardy! or trivia night at a bar. I happened to mention to my son, the cross country runner, that Alice Cooper ran cross county in high school, too.

"Who is that?" he asks.

"You've never heard of Alice Cooper, the rock star or the band? How about the songs 'I'm Eighteen' or 'School's Out'?" I ask.

His face lit up. "Oh, 'School's Out'. That's on Guitar Hero. I can play that pretty good, too."


Mom2TnM said...

Haha, that seems to go hand in hand with Stephanie thinking "Wanted Dead or Alive" is the theme song from "Deadliest Catch!" I do so enjoy your blog!

Mom2TnM said...

That seems to go hand in hand with your post awhile back about Stephanie knowing that "Wanted Dead or Alive" was the theme song from "Deadliest Catch" rather than one of the top songs of the 80's! I do so enjoy your blog, Hank! :)

Hank Greer said...

Thank you very much, Laura.