Wednesday, December 30, 2009

No Course For Old Men

There's a lawsuit involving the patent for swingless golf clubs.

In a legal battle over gunpowder-loaded golf clubs that can launch a ball more than 200 yards, a federal judge in San Francisco allowed half of the eight counterclaims accusing a Wyoming company and two directors of duping former owners out of the patent rights and trade secrets to the "swingless" golf clubs.


The patented clubs enable a golfer to "drive golf balls great distances without swinging through the use (of) a beveled piston and explosives," according to the ruling by U.S. District Judge William Alsup.

Yeah, gunpowder-loaded golf clubs. My first thought when I read about this was, "How many course owners, nearby residences and golfers are going to tolerate explosives going off on the course?" Then I checked out the BIG HONKIN' VIDEO on the Swingless Golf web site. It seems quiet enough and they have a note at the end of the video giving the decibel range of regular and the swingless clubs. And now there's a new excuse for a golfer. "I'm outta ammo."

You know you have to try swinging the swingless club and get the timing right so you fire the charge upon contact, right? That's the first order of business and you know it.

I wonder if Anton Chigurh would have used one of these instead of the captive bolt pistol he was so fond of.

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