Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Lose Weight From Behind The Steering Wheel

In the latest make-fast-food-look-healthy campaign we have the Taco Bell Drive Thru Diet. In the commercial we meet a woman identified as Christine Dougherty who is to Taco Bell as Jared Fogle was to Subway. Both slimmed down while eating at their respective fast food restaurants. Christine's weight loss is fantastic, but to attribute it only to Taco Bell food is very misleading.

A host of caveats as long as some drug ads follow her story: Christine’s weight loss was “exceptional” according to the commercials, her taco bell trips were part of a larger effort to cut calories down to 1250 a day, and the Taco Bell Drive Thru Diet shouldn’t be considered a diet.

Right or wrong, diet and public health experts agree Taco Bell’s new campaign will likely seriously influence Americans who spend a great deal on fast food from their cars each year. Although the line of “Fresco” burritos and tacos has existed for six years, the upcoming weeks will be the first time the majority of Taco Bell customers will see the low fat options on the menu.

That's right, folks. It's not a weight loss program. But by using the word "diet" they're trying to fool a lot of people who either won't read or pay heed to the fine print. Nor will people consider the lifestyle change they really need to make in order to be fit and healthy.

Call it diet theater. "I'm eating [insert latest fad food here] and I've lost two pounds so far." Yes, but have you noticed that after all the diets you've tried over the years you still haven't changed?

So based on the average of 1250 calories a day, if Christine only ate at the drive thru window, then according to the nutritional guide she could eat eight Fresco Crunchy Tacos every day. Or three Fresco Burrito Supremes (chicken or steak). Or three Fresco Bean Burritos. Her favorite is the Fresco Ranchero Soft Taco. She could eat seven of those a day.

Now for all I know she may have augmented her "diet" by drinking water instead of soda and flexing her quads and alternating the foot she used to press the brake pedal while waiting in the drive-thru line. That's how all killer bods are made. Well, that and exercise and eating right in the first place. And maybe even Photoshop.

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