Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I'm Only Posting This Because I Was Told To

I broke out in itchy bumps yesterday after dinner and Kathy diagnosed it as an allergic reaction. I ran through everything I ate yesterday and the only thing that was out of the ordinary was some cookies made by one of the ladies at work. I had eaten these cookies on other occasions so I was doubtful they were the cause. A dose of Benadryl set things right.

When I got to work this morning, I decided to try some of the cookies and see what happened. Nothing. At lunch I went for a run and then I ate the pasta I had leftover from the night before. Not long after that I broke out again. Fortunately, a coworker had a dose of Benadryl on hand so I didn't have to tolerate the itching. Now the pasta and sauce was suspect in my book.

I told Kathy about my experiment and she was flabbergasted. "You ate the cookies on purpose to see if you would have an allergic reaction?"


"And you did this without taking any Benadryl with you?"


"Do you know that the allergic reaction normally gets worse each time you're exposed to the allergen?"


"Do you know this was quite likely a delayed reaction from the cookies?"


"Do you think it's smart to endanger your health by experimenting with something you're allergic to?"


And with a look that said she would not take no for an answer, "You're putting this on your blog, right?"



Spokane Al said...

Your test sounded perfectly reasonable to me - but of course I would get the same reaction from my wife as you received.

I guess they just do not understand the need for us to live on the edge - especially if it involves cookies.

Hank Greer said...

Exactly, Al. And ice cream!