Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Enjoy The Show

Tiger Woods is named the Associated Press athlete of the decade. So what?

Just like all the other stars in all the other sports, Tiger Woods has had absolutely no effect on my life. Professional sports are just another form of entertainment. Entertainment stars are rarely models for us to emulate yet we place them on pedestals because of their skills, regardless of the type of person they are, and we seem to have the same expectations of them as a person as we do of their special talent. Then we are disappointed when they fail us but at the same time their transgressions allow us to feel superior to them. We knock them down to size and kick them in disgrace for being disgraceful.

With our righteousness validated, we turn to fawn over the next superstar.


John Greer said...

My thoughts exactly.

Sherry said...

Poor Tiger. He drove into a tree and women fell out.