Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Barefoot Running - Pushing It A Little More

The temperature was about 35 but it was a dry and bright, sunny day so I thought I'd chance a barefoot run. I went through Riverfront Park to the north side of the river and along the trail to the Don Kardong bridge, turned around and retraced my steps to the north exit of the park. I went by the Flour Mill, the old Wonder Bread bakery, the old YWCA and City Hall and back to work for a distance of 3.6 miles. Surprisingly, I was very comfortable. A couple of toes got a little chilled but they weren't show stoppers. I had a nice quick cadence going and I paid close attention to lifting my feet. The thought of stubbing a toe in this cold--something I imagine would be devastatingly painful--kept me on my toes, figuratively speaking.

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